About Synergy 3C : Communication, Collaboration, Coordination

Synergy3C brings together collaboration, communications and coordination management to give you a one-stop-shop service for building and managing your business online, achieving effective project outcomes, implementing web and eCommerce capability and achieving competitive advantage in partnerships.

With a background in journalism and communications, David Hennessy (owner of Synergy3C) has specialised in online content strategy, web development, social media and ecommerce since 2003.  His experience includes print and online journalism; copywriting and marketing development; and consultation in internet, intranet, communications, media, ICT projects, collaboration, information and knowledge management for the public, private and education sectors.

Services driven by value, quality, honesty, accountability and integrity

'Our ambition is to help you achieve your business goals - and to work with you for the long term’

Accountability and integrity

We are here for the long-haul – we aim to build partnerships with our clients that last. To do this requires a foundation of honest and transparency.  Therefore, services we provide are done with accountability and integrity – we deliver what we say we will, we say what we mean, and we do what we promise.

Of course (as with life in general), situations arise where events impact our plans and intentions.  When we perceive an issue or problem, we tell you as soon as possible – and then we help you to find a solution, rather than prolong the problem. 

We play well with others, too!  With so much technology out there, sometimes we don’t have all the skills (in house) to meet your needs. But we are really good at finding people who do! And we work with you, and them, to achieve your goals.  After all, ‘Collaboration’ is indeed our middle name!

Quality and transparency

The services we provide are built with high standards and through rigorous testing and quality assurance – and we take you on that journey the whole way through. We want you to be able to make informed decisions – so we share our knowledge and provide you solid advice.  While we work, we include you in decision making as we go; educating and informing you the best way we can.

Honesty and Value

Web design is not a ‘black art’ (anymore) – so you don’t need to pay high costs for a ‘magical system’. These days internet technology can be acquired at affordable prices.  There are so many options for technology, now, that the days of spending months in creating custom, expensive and niche systems are long-gone.  Solutions that meet your needs (exactly, or vey nearly) already exist – and we will help you find them, integrate them and support them.

Of course this does not mean that we don’t provide a custom service to you! We create services and products that meet your specific needs – but we aim to create those custom solutions upon standard and sustainable products - so that you can continue to grow and expand in a cost-effective manner.

And, when it comes to costs, we offer value-for money services, not inflated prices.